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Escape from Montenegro
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For many years a seminary professor in Indiana, Dr. Charles Ashanin was known only to family and a few friends as one who narrowly escaped death at the hands of dangerous militants, Communists and Nationalists who dominated his native land of Montenegro in the years just prior to and during World War II. As a result he lived in lifelong exile from his homeland. The recording of his experiences took the form of an autobiographical novel, as he changed the names of some characters and combined others into single individuals to protect the identities of those involved. But the people who knew him well knew also that the facts he describes were true. Writer, and Ashanins godson, Brian McDonald has beautifully brought this compelling story together so that it might be published and shared with others. The result is a truly heart-pounding tale of mad violence, love and grace.

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Escape from Montenegro: Charles B. Ashanin, Brian McDonald

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Hunter: Crossfire, Book 2 , Hörbuch, Digital, 1...
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From the talented pen of Gennita Low comes the second installment in her exciting Navy SEALS trilogy. Hawk McMillan, SEAL commander, is on a lone mission. To get close to Dragan Dilaver, a Kosovo kingpin involved in drugs and arms-rafficking, Hawk helped him escape from Asia and return to his former country of Yugoslavia. Now Hawk has to discover where certain weapons have been dropped for Dilaver over the diverse regions of Montenegro, Macedonia, and Albania - not an easy task for someone unfamiliar with the territory. In order for the operation to succeed, he needs a tracker and the only available person is CIA contact agent Amber Hutchens. Beautiful and smart, Amber has made a life for herself in Velesta, Macedonia, and she is more than capable of assisting Hawk in finding the cache of hidden weapons. Despite the danger of exposure and torture, they risk everything in their mission to strike down Dilaver and his ruthless gang - even their love. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Kevin Foley. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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