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Finance in Central and Southeastern Europe
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This book describes specific problems and proposes solutions for different areas of finance in Central and Southeastern European countries. Covering a broad spectrum of topics, from monetary economics and electronic money to capital markets, banking and insurance, it comprises theoretical and empirical contributions by authors from nine countries - Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia and Greece. Intended for academics as well as policy makers and practitioners it offers new perspectives on Central and Southeastern European finance research. Sre?ko Goi? is a professor at the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, University of Split, Croatia. His main research interests are human resources management, employee financial participation, local and regional development, and economics of transition, and he has published numerous books and papers in these fields. He has also served on the editorial boards of several journals throughout Central and Southeastern Europe. Anastasios Karasavvoglou is a professor of economics and president of the annual international conference The Economies of the Balkan and Eastern European Countries in the Changed World. He has published numerous books and papers on immigration, regional development and the labor market. Persefoni Polychronidou holds a PhD in mathematics and has a scientific interest in data analysis, discrete transforms and realization of algorithms for the fast processing of data. She is assistant editor of the International Journal of Business a nd Economic Sciences Applied Research and has published several papers on empirical economic data.

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