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People's Concord of Montenegro
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.People''s Concord of Montenegro or National Unity of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Narodna sloga Crne Gore/ , NSCG) is a de facto inactive political party in the Montenegro. It''s President is controversial Montenegrin activist, Novak Kilibarda.It was created after Novak Kilibarda, president of the notable People''s Party of Montenegro, abandoned the main pursuits and the political ideology and created a small, his own, party. It was named to emulate national unity of the Montenegrins and the controversial "National Unity" coalition that Kilibarda headed between the People''s Party of Montenegro and the Liberal Alliance of Montenegro. The main difference is that the People''s Party, which was in the Victory is of Montenegro coalition under Milo ukanovi , decided to go back into the opposition because of the problems that came out regarding proposals of an independent Montenegro - NS CG was strictly pro-Serbian.

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