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Montenegro Travel Guide: Discover, Experience, ...
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This step-by-step guide to explore Montenegro. You´ll learn:How to get to MontenegroWhere the Eagle meets the mountainWhat is Wild BeautyWhere is the sunniest cityWhy is Budva the pearl of MediterraneanHow to explore the most beautiful fjord in EuropeWhich city is Lonely Planet’s number one destinationWhere is Balkan IbizaWhy is Cetinje a city-museumWhere is a Lake city of rock and bluesHow to explore the modern capitalHow to experience a mountain lifeHow to explore marvelous natureDiscover five National ParksWhere is Sea Dance FestivalGet to know the unseen nightlifeHow to explore best beachesHow to Jeep safari in the mountainHow Tara rafting will make adrenaline rushWhere can you see fancy yachtsWhere was the James Bond movie Casino Royal filmedWhere to see real castlesHow to explore churches, monasteries, and cultureWhat kind of cultural activities you can find Why is Montenegro a hidden gemWhat is typical Montenegrin foodHow to explore the fortressesWhere to make a romantic escapeThe ideal vacation for a family with kidsHow to explore eco places and resortsWhere are the best hotelsHow to travel on the budgetHow to call a taxiWhere is your embassyAnd lot moreAbout the expertSvetlana Kralj (MA) is a Professor of Language and Literature, a writer, and author.She has many years of teaching experience in Language and Literature, has high-level writing skills, and both of her creative and scientific works were published.Svetlana is a passionate music lover, which resulted with a lot of traveling around the world to be a part of music events. That way, she met a lot of different cultures, discovered new 1. Language: English. Narrator: Mary Johnston. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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